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Flotation Therapy

Have you tried this yet? I did, and here is what I though of it:

I was a little apprehensive about trying floating. But as soon as I stepped in and started floating, I knew it was for me! The feeling of weightlessness instantly relaxed me. It was warm and completely dark. After the first 30 minutes my always stiff neck muscles started relaxing. I was a bit worried about my skin and hair drying out, but much to my surprise, after an hour, I got out and washed off, and my skin and hair never felt softer. As the owner explained to me “its Epson Salt, which is Magnesium. Its a mineral” that is why it makes your skin so soft.

Flotation Therapy

After my session, I decided to read about the benefits of flotation therapy. I was amazed the reports say it improves circulation and can reduce blood pressure. In addition to the benefits of the relaxation portion of the therapy. I have now finished my 4th session and I’m hooked! If you are in the local Chandler/Gilbert area, give David a call at Aqua Therapy Clinics and he can answer all your questions. He can also get you a discount on your first float!

Flotation Therapy is basically an Epson salt bath on steroids. There is such a high concentration of salt, that you float effortlessly. The floating chamber was like a wide bathtub with a lid. Once you close the lid, the quiet and dark is so relaxing. It is large enough that you float without touching the sides, and you float high enough that you dont touch the bottom either. The temperature of the air is kept the same as the water, so you don't feel the water line on your skin.

My tips for a great float…

Plan to shower after. There is a small shower in your float room to wash the salt off. But I still go home and do a proper shower after. Don't wear eye makeup. Bring a water bottle for after your float. My tummy was a bit upset after the first 2 floats. David explained that the this therapy will cleanse your body of toxins, and unfortunately, they go into your digestive system. After the third float I was feeling amazing though, so keep at it, and get those toxins out!

Flotation Therapy Diagram


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  • Kimberly Phillips

    Did you try this before or after surgery? Is it a good idea prior?

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