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"Having to go through breast cancer is in itself a life altering event one for which there is no right or wrong way to prepare, react, or run from. I am forever grateful that I came across the site for the Breast Cancer Chest Pillow!! My new best friend!!! It has made sleep and relaxing all the more productive!! Leslie Notarianni you are a genius and a women of heart to have made this available to those of us going through this process that not only at times can be painful, but also frightening! It's almost like a personal hug! You Rock!!!!"

"EXCELLENT Service! Very fast delivery! HIGHLY recommend!!! I can not speak highly enough about this mastectomy pillow. It is a MUST have! I got one for myself when I had my double mastectomy in October. Since then, I have recommended it to everyone I have heard about that either is going to have a mastectomy, or who knows someone who is going to have a mastectomy. I even purchased one for a friend who had a lumpectomy as a gift. This pillow is great when riding in the car to protect your chest from the seatbelt, while lounging in the chair or on the couch watching TV or reading a book, and even at bedtime. It provides comfort from the incisions on your chest as well as from the drains on your sides. I am 8 weeks out from surgery now and I still LOVE using my pillow! Thank you Leslie for making this AMAZING product!"

"Thank you for using your experience to help make life easier for those in the same predicament! I did study your shirts and thought they are a really good idea too! The pockets to hold the drains are ingenious! The drains post op are always so cumbersome and we clip them to the hospital gowns but they are always just hanging there heavy and flopping around. I did not buy a shirt because my mother is extremely petite in height and build and I was not sure on the sizing. I did end up buying a belt with pockets that my mom is using to hold her drains, she just straps it around her belly and it is working really well for her. 

From a nursing standpoint, I think your products are so well thought out and so functional and just beautiful. From a personal standpoint, I am grateful that you make something that I can give to somebody like my mother and it makes her happy and makes me feel as though I am doing something to help her. So Thank you for making my mothers day!!"



"Bought this for a cousin that was having a double mastectomy. Had this sent to her, she was so surprised when it came because she had just been looking at purchasing the pillow/tops for herself. She said everything helped out so much. Glad we bought these! The shipping/processing was fast and the seller was great to work with." A.Z.

"Everyone at OHSU (even Doctors and Nurses) absolutely love your shirts and pillow. We passed out a few of your business cards too. Both the shirts and pillow are really helping my mom. Great stuff, thank you!" J.G.

"This was exactly what I needed! The shirts with the inside pockets worked great for the drain bottle. I'm 2 weeks out of surgery and still use the pillow in the car and to sleep with. What a blessing to have found these!!!" I.G.

"Great. Exactly what I wanted and good quality! Thanks for making these products!" C.M.

"My items arrived so quickly! The shirts fit wonderfully..and will be roomier and comfy after surgery! The material is so soft and I love the snap buttons. The pillow is WAY softer than I imagined! It is going to be a life saver! Thank you so much!!!!" N.N.

"Had my mastectomy Friday and this arrived just a day or two after I got home from the hospital. I absolutely LOVE it! I carry it under my arm with me everywhere to keep pressure off my wounds. Thank you so much!!!" R.W.

"I highly recommend for anyone getting a mastectomy. Good quality and good price." A.S.

"As I sit at home recovering from my mastectomy with my pillow and shirts, I wanted to share how much I love these items. Leslie was so helpful in finding the right size for me and in shipping it quickly. I love that they are made by a breast cancer survivor! Her videos on empting drains was also very helpful. Thank you Leslie!" D.J.

"Awesome product! Highly recommend for a family member or friend undergoing a mastectomy. I chose the super women fabric since I wanted something fun for my daughter who is only 32. She had a double mastectomy and used this for weeks after in the car or just as an extra pillow behind her head in bed. Super quick shipping!" J.T.




"These shirts were invaluable after my daughter's double mastectomy. She was able to relax in bed or walk around knowing her drains were securely pinned into an inner pocket. Even the nurses in the hospital thought they were such an excellent idea. Recommend ordering a little larger to allow for some shrinkage when washed. Super fast shipping. Thank you!" J.T.

"GREAT product!!! My mother-in-law just had a double mastectomy a week ago and has not put this pillow down! She loves it and can't stop talking about it and how wonderful it is. Thank you for making a product that helps so many through their recovery!" C.J.

"Arrived quickly and was perfect for my mom after her bilateral mastectomy." S.N.

"Beautifully made items and extremely fast shipping! Could not be more pleased. Thank you!" G.L.

"This is softer than I even imagined and I know it will be a big comfort during post surgery." J.T.

"Just got my pillow and loved it! Very soft. Leslie has been so helpful! Not looking forward to my mastectomy but I'm sure this pillow will make a world difference during healing!" T.M.

"Received in great shape and just as described. Thank you. I can't wait to use this for my recovery." C.D.