4 Pack Mastectomy Surgery SHIRT and Chest Pillow Gift Set

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4 Pack Gift Set - Exactly what she needs to heal comfortably

The must have MASTECTOMY Chest PILLOW for any breast surgery. Super soft with underarm support. Great for the entire healing process. Perfect for the ride home from the hospital, to protect sensitive areas from the seatbelt. We suggest purchasing this pillow before your surgery and take it to the hospital with you. Made from a very soft 100% cotton! This pillow is washable, and feels amazing!  See reviews. Heal comfortably with this chest pillow.  (PATENT PENDING)

This set includes one of each color: Blue, Raspberry and Gray. If you would like a different color choice, please include that choice in the notes of the order! After a breast surgery, drain tubes are installed. These tubes cannot be left hanging free. This mastectomy T Shirt is essential to the healing process. Each Shirt holds up to 3 drains on each side. It keeps them secure and in place, and therefore keeps her comfortable. These Tee Shirts are PERFECT for sleeping in. They also make daily life more convenient, whether you are home or on the go! The inside pockets at the bottom of the T hold up to 3 drains on each side. It has soft snaps in the front for easy on-off, and to get to the drains easily. I personally lived in this T-shirt when I was healing from my mastectomy. I designed it for myself but think others could really benefit from it as well.  (PATENT PENDING)

These T's are designed to be roomy and loose fitting to leave room for the drain tubes, and extra dressing or gauze around the surgery site. If you are unsure about what size to order, please email us, or order one size larger than you think you need. 
Medium is about 40" around the chest. 
Large is about 44"
X-Large is about 47"
3XL is about 51"

Lovingly handmade in Chandler, Arizona!  I ship the same day whenever possible.