Mastectomy Must Haves

Mastectomy Shirts

Our patent pending mastectomy recovery shirt holds the drains in place; whether you are sleeping, visiting your doctor, or just relaxing and healing at home. The front snap opening of this mastectomy top makes them very easy to get in and out of, since arm mobility is limited for weeks after your mastectomy surgery. Made from 100% cotton, these shirts are soft and breathable, and safe to wear after radiation treatments. These super soft shirts are available in Gray, Raspberry and Blue. The come in size Medium, Large, X-Large and 3X-Large.


Chest Pillow

There are three key parts to our patent pending chest pillow: the Shield, the U Supports and the Wings. Each designed to help keep your surgery area protected, ease discomfort in all the sensitive areas, and to get better sleep. Our surgery recovery chest pillow is used by cancer, open heart surgery, and other patients that need to protect the upper body and sleep comfortably.

Drain Holding Hoodie

After a breast surgery, like a mastectomy or lumpectomy, drain tubes are installed. These tubes cannot be left hanging free. This hoodie is perfect for going out with your drains. Keep them safely contained in the internal pockets.  The lightweight fabric is very soft and comfy. The Forest Gray color is a very unique blend of Green and Gray. A very soothing color choice!  Extra large pockets leave room for multiple drains. They can also accommodate larger items like heart monitors too! You will receive the hoodie in the same size as the shirt you choose.


Beautiful and Useful Breast Cancer Gift Sale

MASTECTOMY Breast Cancer Post Op Chest PILLOW

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Breast Cancer Post Op Shirt with Drain Holders Pink Sale

Surgery MASTECTOMY SHIRT with Drain Holder Pockets

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Breast Cancer Shirts with drain holders Sale

2 Pack of Surgery MASTECTOMY SHIRTS with Drain Holders

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Mastectomy Hoodie with internal pockets Sale

Drain Holding Hoodie

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5 Pack - 1 Pillow, 3 Shirts and a Hoodie (Hg,g,r,u) Sale

5 Pack - 1 Pillow, 3 Shirts and a Hoodie (Hg,g,r,u)

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Post Op mastectomy drain holder shirt Sale

Surgery MASTECTOMY SHIRT 3 Pack with Drain Holder ***$15 Off!***

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Mastectomy shower info

Post Mastectomy Shower Lanyard

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