Pink Pepper Co is proudly owned by a breast cancer survivor. Once she found out she was having a mastectomy, she quickly got to work on designing products to help her get through the healing phase. Now she works full time making these products for you! Be sure to check out the Blog section to read more about Leslies story, and to learn how to prepare for surgery from her experience.

The Complete Gift Pack

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Breast Cancer Chest Pillow

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The Drain Holding Hoodie

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Post Op Mastectomy Shirt

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Mastectomy Surgery Shirt Features:

Men's Open Heart Surgery Pillow

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We Care

All of our items are designed and handmade here in Chandler, Arizona, USA. I ship the same day whenever possible, because I know that many of you need these items right away. This business is a passion for me, and I truly care about the people I work for - YOU!

Highest Quality

All of us know that cotton is what we put on our bodies when we want to be comfortable and cozy. Our pillows and shirts are made of 100% cotton, are amazingly comfortable, and feel great. They are easy to wash, and are perfect for anyone recovering from surgery.

The Perfect Gift

When you send a gift, you want to send one that reaches the heart – that makes a difference in someone’s life. Flowers are beautiful, but what your loved one needs right now is comfort and reassurance. Our pillows are like a warm hug, and our tops bring comfort to an uncomfortable situation. This is a gift they will remember!