The Four Main Mastectomy Products


It is important to take some time before your surgery, and plan for the healing phase. Here are some important products that helped me through recovery after my mastectomy. 

Post Surgery Shirt

mastectomy shirt

For weeks after surgery, you will have one or more JP drains at the surgery area that need to be cared for. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for them, but will usually not give you anything to help keep you comfortable with them. This shirt not only keeps those drains in place, it also conceals them, so you can focus on recovering. It is also very beneficial for the limited range of motion you will have after surgery. Since you will not be able to lift your arms over your head after surgery, this easy open front top will make getting dressed every day a breeze.

Chest Pillow

mastectomy pillow

This soft pillow is not just designed for the ride home from the hospital. It will protect your surgery area, for months after surgery, from pets or children bumping into you. It will also keep you comfortable while sleeping. It features a unique underarm contour, to fit comfortably under your arms. This will not only hold the pillow in place throughout the day, but it will was post surgery muscle discomfort.

Drain Holding Hoodie

mastectomy hoodie

This hoodie is not just for when it is cold outside. My customers wear this lightweight hoodie all year long. Extra large internal pockets can hold multiple drains on each side. Flip the hoodie up to cover bed head or post surgery hair! The perfect item all those doctor visits after surgery.

Shower Lanyard

mastectomy shower lanyard

Make showering after your mastectomy a SNAP, literally! JP Drains have a loop so that you can easily snap your drain to this lanyard. It will keep the drains in place during showering. It is strong enough to hold multiple drains, so you only need one. (Not suggested for sleeping or all day use. For comfortable all day drain management please use the Post Op Shirt)

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