Mastectomy Video Info

Mastectomy products to help you heal comfortably. We offer pillows and tops that are a necessity after any breast surgery. Please watch our Product Review Video below explaining our products and how they are used or just browse the videos below with helpful information about Breast Cancer and Mastectomy!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
What does that mean to me?


Breast Cancer Symptoms
Do you know what common symptoms are?


Post Op Shower Lanyard Use


Mastectomy Surgery Shirt Features


How to find your size of surgery shirt



How to Care for JP Drains 


How to heal comfortably from a Mastectomy; it is possible! JP Drains are fairly common after a mastectomy. There are a few tips to being safe and comfortable while living with the drains. How to shower (if its okay with your Doctor) and how to sleep comfortably with drains.