The Mastectomy Chest Pillow

Mastectomy Chest Pillow

An Explanation of the Design

Designed by a breast cancer survivor, and carefully tested through her personal use.  Each part of the pillow has a specific purpose to help you heal comfortably after a mastectomy surgery or any breast cancer related surgery.

The Shield

Most superheros have a shield, and breast cancer warriors are no different. The center portion of the pillow is aptly named The Shield because it protects the sensitive surgery area from what life will throw at you after surgery. The ride home from the hospital, that seatbelt, pets jumping on your lap, etc. Your shield will protect you and keep you comfy during the healing process.

The Wings

Protects the back of your arms and keep them slightly elevated when sleeping. This is especially important in patients with lymphedemia. They also help prevent you from rolling over in your sleep.

U Supports

Some don't realize that after a mastectomy, there is a substantial amount of pain in the underarm area. Soft pressure from the U section of this pillow reduces the amount of discomfort in that area. 

Super Soft Fabric

We use only the best 100% Cotton fabric in our pillows. Soft to the touch, and breathable, these pillows are also machine washable. 


Plus: standard delivery for any of our pillow prints is only 2-3 days for anywhere in the USA! Order now and get it fast to start recovering comfortably! This pillow makes the perfect gift for a loved one currently fighting breast cancer. Plus it was designed and HANDMADE by a breast cancer survivor!