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Adjustable Breast Prosthesis

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Breast Prosthesis - Adjustable, Lightweight and Affordable!

There are so many reasons why you might want to have an adjustable breast prosthetic. Maybe you dislike your insurance issued, heavy, prosthetics. Maybe you are in the process of “immediate reconstruction“ and are finding that it is not as immediate as you might’ve thought. While going through the expander process, you will love that you can add or take away filling to get the exact size you want.

Hand washable and easily fits into any mastectomy or sports bra!

A little about these little bra inserts...
After my own mastectomy, I was very dissatisfied with the insurance issued breast forms. Since I had a sewing and patterning background, I decided to put those skills to work for myself. After about a week of trial and error, these forms were created! They are the only breast form I personally wear. And I wear them every day!


Welcome to the new Easy Fit Mastectomy Shirt! To find your best size:

1. Pick your favorite, loose fitting top. Lay flat and measure armpit to armpit.

2. Compare that measurement to our size chart below. 

Mastectomy Shirt Size chart



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