Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Scared - READ THIS!

Just found out you need surgery for your Breast Cancer and you're scared, but…. It’s Not Time For That!

Getting ready for your surgery is an emotional time.  I have been there! I get it.   Do you believe that our mood affects our health? I can tell you, 100% that it does.   When we are depressed, stressed, and tired, our bodies are not at their best.  Many admit getting sick, laying around the house, and just not feeling like doing anything.  Now compare that to the person that feels strong, optimistic, and excited!   Completely different actions, emotions, and viewpoint - right? 

It is with that same comparison that I want to talk to you about something important you need to do before surgery.  Get positive!  Please know that you are going to do GREAT!  The Dr.s are so good at what they do these days.  This is a very common surgery, one that is done every day across the nation.  In fact, did you know that 1 in 8 women will face breast cancer in their lifetime?  Let’s just say we are all in good company.  This is not a surgery that comes with high risk like other surgeries.   Be clear on that in your mind.

But how you think - how you feel - before this surgery matters.  I want you to do me a huge favor - from this moment on, anytime you have a negative or scared thought, just tell yourself “It is not time for that!”  Tell yourself in your mind - “NO.  I will not think about that - it is not the time for it.”   Put off any of that negative, awful thinking.  You know what I am talking about.  What will I do if?  But what if?   I know this advice, to some, may sound … well, dumb.  But - I had 3 surgeries, and the 2nd and harder one - I was in a good place.  I was at peace.  I didn’t allow anything negative to bounce around in my mind.  I told myself it was not time for that.   No “what ifs.”  And I recovered TWICE as fast from the more difficult surgery.  Why?  Because I was not stressed out, thinking about negative garbage. I fully believe it has to do with stress hormones, and how our body responds to what we think about. 

So do me, your family, and yourself a big favor - only happy, positive thinking right now.  OK?  Deep down, I didn’t believe it would matter.  But it really did! So my advice to you is do things you love.  That means weeks, not minutes, before surgery!  I love watching animals on Facebook and IG.   They make me laugh!  I love watching huskies talk back to their masters.  I love watching baby goats jumping around and being cute.   Set up an entire account to watch the things you love.   Keep it artificially happy, upbeat, and lively.   Unfortunately, our minds are powerful little instruments.  If we feed our thinking on the things we fear, things that will make us feel bad, we honestly weaken our ability to heal more quickly.  That’s exactly what I did on my first surgery.  So I can speak from experience.  I was wrong! This is advice from your Pink Sister on what you NEED TO DO!   Even if you feel, deep inside, this is silly (believe me, I did) - trust in it.  I promise it works!   And let your family and friends know the same thing.  Send them the link to this article.  Everyone should be talking about the good after you recover.  None of this gloom and doom thinking.   Also, I strongly recommend after reading this you check on my article about Keto.  This was helpful to me after my recovery.   It has given me hope and confidence about the future, and that I can and will be well!   You can too 💖   

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  • Mary on

    Thank you for leading the way in a very challenging life event. I was diagnosed July 2021 with stage 1, ER+, HER2+ invasive. I have felt an array of emotions to feeling very numb. At times, I feel very healthy and I believe I don’t have breast cancer. It feels like a different reality. My goal is to work until the last week of August. I use my free time at night to research and learn as much information to help remain confident in the surgeons and oncology doctor I have selected. Lastly, I found your website when I was searching how to prepare for a bilateral mastectomy. Thank you for the plethora of information and your continual desire to help us that are diagnosed.

  • Corinne Trindel on

    Thank you for sharing this information. I was diagnosed in May and staying positive has helped me tremendously but reading this helps remind me how important it is to stay positive.


    I was diagnosed on February 22 2021 with triple negative breast cancer. No family history whatsoever and thankfully I do not carry the gene. I have maintained that this is a bump in the road, an adventure in my life and refuse to be negative or have the what ifs even after four rounds of chemo did not do their job. I am scheduled for a single mastectomy with reconstruction (stage 1 of 2) on July 19th. This is not to say that I haven’t had my moments…oh yes I’ve had a few. Not the “why me” kind but just the feelings of being overwhelmed even though I have a fantastic support system. I totally agree with everything Leslie wrote about surrounding yourself with positivity. My most happy moments are in my kitchen cooking and baking for friends and family and so this weekend I will begin stockpiling my freezer with all sorts of homecooked meals so that my husband and I are taken care of while I recover. I am determined to beat this disease and I will do whatever it takes to do so. My son is getting married in May 2022 followed by my daughter in September 2022 and absolutely nothing is going to stop me from enjoying those events to the fullest and many more after that. It’s a wild ride but I will survive! Prayers for all who are on this journey with me!

  • Ali on

    Thank you for this. I was just diagnosed last week and was in a very negative place (staying in bed, etc) and your article really helped shake the cobwebs, thank you. :)

  • Angela on

    Thank you for sharing.
    The journey is difficult but I agree, a positive outlook and stopping those negative thoughts is a great strategy.

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