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How is each Pink Pepper Co product used?

Mastectomy T Shirt

mastectomy shirt

This T-Shirt is essential to the healing process. Your range of motion will be limited in your arms after your surgery. The open front design is very helpful so you can get dressed easily without lifting your arms over your head. The 100% cotton is breathable, soft and super comfortable. This top is perfect for sleeping in after your surgery.

Each T Shirt can hold a total of 6 drains, up to 3 on each side. It keeps them secure and in place, and therefore keeps you comfortable. It also keeps the drains concealed which is very handy when you visit your doctor or for when you are out and about. These T-Shirts are perfect for sleeping in. Keeping the drain tubes in place and the drains secure at night will help you to sleep soundly, without worrying that they will move around during the night. Since you have to wear a clean shirt every day, I suggest buying at least 2 of them. That way you have something to wear while one is being washed. Buying more than 2 means you don't have to do laundry every day!

mastectomy chest pillow 


Drain Holding Hoodie

Drain Holding Mastectomy Hoodie

Similar to the Mastectomy Shirt, the Hoodie has internal pockets that contain the JP drains, and keep them out of sight. The hoodie is made from super soft, breathable cotton blend fabric that is lightweight enough to wear year round. Bed head? Post surgery hair? No Hair? No problem, just flip up the hoodie to hide your head. A great way to look cool and casual after surgery. Plus you will want to wear this hoodie for years after, since those handy internal pockets can hold a cell phone or wallet safely. 


Chest pillow

A must have pillow for any breast surgery. This pillow provides comfort for weeks after surgery, and protects you from car rides, jumping pets, excited kids, and other unexpected bumps. The design gives unerarm support and comfort. After a breast surgery, like a mastectomy, there is usually some pain and discomfort in the underarm area. The unique contours of this soft pillow eases that discomfort. This pillow also helps you sleep more comfortably and soundly. It will minimize the accidental roll over, which can be very uncomfortable. Some have described it as a warm, soft hug from a loving friend!


Shower Lanyard

Make showering after your mastectomy a SNAP, literally! Just snap your drain to this lanyard to keep the drains in place during showering. Each JP drain has a tab that allows you to attach it to the shower lanyard. Strong enough to hold multiple drains. 


What is a Foob?

Adjustable Breast Prosthesis Foot

Breast prosthesis is not the easiest term to say. So I wanted to call them something a little simpler and cute. These ‘Faux Boobs’ are something I am very proud to call my own. I designed them with myself in mind. After waiting 2 months for my official prosthesis, I was already frustrated and disappointed. The bra that I had to wear with them was uncomfortable and not at all pretty. I had made myself some temporary prosthesis out of super soft cotton and I was able to wear them over my surgery site without any discomfort. I decided that I liked mine better than the prescription ones, so I got to work bettering the design. After a few more prototypes I was very happy with the finished product. It was adjustable so that I could remove or add more filling as needed. I could also remove the filling and wash them so that they would last a very long time.

Key characteristics of cotton breast prosthetics include:

1. Comfort: Cotton breast forms are known for their comfort. They are soft against the skin and can be worn directly against the chest or inside specialized mastectomy bras.

2. Lightweight: They are very lightweight, making them easier to wear for extended periods without causing discomfort or strain.

3. Natural Appearance: Cotton breast prosthetics are designed to provide a natural appearance under clothing. 

4. Breathability: Cotton is breathable, which can be particularly important for individuals with sensitive skin or those living in warm climates.

5. Easy to Care for: These prosthetics are easy to clean and maintain. They are machine-washable or you can hand wash them.

It's important to note that cotton breast prosthetics are just one option among many types of breast forms available to mastectomy patients. The choice of a breast prosthesis depends on individual preferences, comfort, and lifestyle. 

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  • Rosanna Jeffrey on

    Having double mastectomy 1/18/22. Just wanted to know what is available. Thank you.

  • sharon gillis on

    When will your Foob’s be available??

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